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CAFE 125 - Student post - Project Showcase

We took this up as part of our Innovative Marketing course.

Innovative Marketing is something which involves the implementation of a new creative and insightful marketing methods and involve changes in product design,packaging, product placement, product promotion or pricing.We experimented with different possibilities and ideas to represent CAFÉ 125 to the end target consumer. The pilot campaign on our campus provided us with the much needed curiosity around the figure 125.We had formed groups of 5 members for this course.Whilst pitching this idea to our professor we came up with an attractive name for our café based on a theme. The theme of the café was completely different as compared to our competitors. We have planned to launch a café where people would get a total of 125 minutes to eat,play and shop. We had to think of some idea where people could really have fun.Then we had divided 125 mins into 3 different slots which were 50 mins for food, 50mins for fun and 25 mins to shop. After that we had designed a structured way to explain our café concept which included business canvas model, cost structure, strategies and many more variables to provide a holistic view of our concept. Next step was to brainstorm ideas to promote our café in the real world. Each and every member in our group came up with different ideas for viral videos. Next step was to think of more details involving the dishes which are going to be offered in our café. Apart from all these activities, we as a group also interviewed  different people at our college. We had a structured and unstructured way of interviewing regarding our café. In this way we got a lot of clues on what had to be done for our café and what people would like.In order to spread aware everyone about our café we came up with eye catching content which included logos, posters, banners, pamphlets,comic strips and emailers. We also tried using as little budget as possible and recovered all the amount being spent for all these activities. Tactfully we kept a stall with shopping with assured provided that we deliver at their doorstep.The fun and play theme was explored by having a PS3 which represents one part of our cafe.


Creatives were placed smartly. We had started the teaser campaign by then. If you see the picture below this idea is quite cheeky.

Cafe 125
Teaser 1

Teaser 2
 Then, we begin with a rock on execution sticking posters banners at lots of places. Here, we have also utilized our best idea that was to stick the posters, Is this the way people usually cross. We kept as a goal about this in our mind.  Because unless someone see our poster or any execution, no one would remember about our café.

Apart from a normal poster. We also tried to create in a innovative fun approach to make a poster more attractive. We have designed comic strip. As you see this picture below, this is really fun way of reading the poster. After sticking this poster, we tried to observe people around. We have realised that sticking this comic strip has really made our goal successful. Because each and every person whoever crosses this path, wherever people see these posters. They took their precious and valuable time to read it. 

We have then kick started with various forms of advertising which is taught by our professor. We have implemented our class learnings to go out of the box. The kinds advertising we used they are Facebook, Whatsapp, Email marketing, Ambush marketing and as shown below.

Ambush Marketing

 We also made riddles and pasted in the mess to represent our café. As our café 125 represent fun, shop, eat and we had to announce best prizes to top 10 winners after our campaign ends.
Fun: Puzzle
No matter how difficult it is but we tried and also enjoyed with lots of fun.


Our day has started.

Ohhh!! Come on rush to begin. We have started putting our stall at 12.00 P.M infront of the mess. We have identified a right place to put the stall where everyone crosses. We have started preparing based on our menu with hot, spicy, chat pata, thanda-thanda cool cool.

 Auw, now we are excited. Students, Professors and everyone has started coming to our café. Huhh!! Yes. Mr. Sajith Naryanan our professor has entered to our café. He was really happy the we have worked not only he has appreciated for keeping the stall but also he appreciated our work throughout. As our stall our really doing well, so we have decided to put it in the evening as well and finally it has ended at 9.00 P.M. and yes, we have still something to do after that the very next day, we have started announcing prizes to our lovable audience who ever waiting for this day.

Prize Distribution

Finally, this learning was quite interesting in terms of fun, ideating etc. I am sure you will also learn through this practical real world experience.
Enjoy watching this: 


About the Authors: We  are a team of 5 members  Karan Ajinkya, Chandini Konchada, Sucharith Prashant, Surabhi Damani, Akrati Pandey. Pursuing M.B.A in Flame School Communication 


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