Wednesday, January 28, 2015

What we can learn from LG's successfull viral commercials

Do you believe Virals happen by chance? LG has cracked a successfull strategy to deliver virals. Lets browse a few of the successes to uncover it starting from the latest viral hit from LG.

So whats LGs viral secret?

Yes, its Pranks. 

Now these videos could be real or doctored. But it was entertaining enough for people to share these pranks to give a hearty laugh to their friends and colleagues.

Not only have these videos grabbed eyeballs it has also effectively communicated of the superiority of LG's products.

Do you still believe Virals happen by chance? Head over to the following post to see more viral examples and crack more secrets to deliver your next viral hit.
Planning a Viral Campaign

And a few more LG campaigns that did well

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