Friday, October 3, 2014

INSTACHEF - INNOVATIVE MARKETING - Student post - Project Showcase

Creating an innovative brand is a great way to build loyalty with your customer. It is a process where a product is marketed and communicated to the target group by the help of ideas and process which were not used earlier. It can be done through changes in the product design, launching the product in unique place, promoting through unconventional method, uniquely pricing the product etc.

       Now a days time is changing very fast so do people’s lifestyle. They prefer having food outside rather than cooking in home to save time. So when we all of us (team member of 5) sat together to find a way out of this, everyone of us have unique ideas which were quite impressive but at last we came up with “INSTACHEF”, where instead of food being delivered at your doorstep chef will be delivered. How people will book chef was main problem so we came out with app where people can book chef based on their preferences and at comfortable time. We have platinum, gold, silver chef; people can choose any one of these whom they wanted. Implementing the ideas into real world concept was much more challenging than word can express. So we did a pilot run on campus where we got suggestions what should be done and what not to be and the experience was tremendous. We started it with powerful marketing campaign where investment was much more minimal, old stuff such as banner, curtains stripes which were already used were used for our marketing campaign. Then we mapped out areas to cover for promotion and advertising on campus. We selected few areas but which were more impact. After this budgeting was the next stage. Later we began working on the creativity. Posters, banners and e-mails were drafted to student. Digital was our main platform in order to create awareness about the brand and on execution day we even distributed newspaper(Times Of Flame) to all respected faculty members. Executing in limited financial resources was our hurdle so each and every strategy was planned.  


Our main Vision was to create awareness through which we want to increase our downloads
 Creative’s were ready; we divided into two parts i.e. offline & online.
We started with teaser campaign “Guess who’s arriving” both online & offline, emails were drafted; our posters were up all over campus. The sports office, football field, canteen, essential stores, trees, poles, outside class room& pathways; our execution was rightly positioned.  To engage more people we were digitally sending them greetings on birthday and on Ganesh Chaturthi celebration. The teaser was run for two days then came the day of execution (Judgment day) where our next set of posters came into picture where we mentioned who we are & what we do (Product Offerings).


The day finally arrived where our teaser promotions around campus created buzz where people actually wanted to know who’s arriving so we came up with INSTACHEF “your chef is arriving” and at 11 a.m. chef arrived at Instahurt near mess. Our main business was around app so making it more relevant we had Insta barcode all around the Instahurt to know how many people are keen and interested to download our app and want to know our business concept. One Instabox was there from which 5 lucky participants would get free meal cooked by our best chef and other will get free goodies. For making it even more memorable we had Insta photo booth and at last all our execution was on every social media platforms. 



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