Thursday, September 1, 2016


How influence is Influencer Marketing on Social Media?

Now a day influencer marketing has become hot topic for people in social media like instagram, The potential of instagram is consider to be most engaging platform.
With its large community and its users, instagram have become unbelievable content sharing platform. It has become a top visual marketing platform for brand which demands high visual appeal. 
The latest update by instagram post shown to user based on their engagement, Means that influencer marketing will play important role to impact behavior of the consumer who consume their content.

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influence marketing is not newly introduced “Concept”. It was used under the umbrella of word of mouth. Social media is the platform where influencer marketing can get perfect excess to reach its potential consumer.
Brands can use influencer approach by collaborating with relevant active online influencer, the Influencer can create blend of creativity and trust among the consumer to build brand awareness in a very subtle way.

For Consumer or Viewers is like suggestion from the family or friends for Vacation. Viewers might take it more authentic and the trust which had created over the time.

Influencer Marketing

·         Indentify relevant influencer
1.      Where your viewer follow influencer related to your product and service.
2.      Always check the trust and influencer background

·         Create a trip wire
1.      Always try to hold viewers with new blog, send them newsletter, so that viewers will always stay connected. Does not switch to other medium.

2.      After a while try to connect with viewers on a personal level. Like feedback on brand and you can invite them brands webinar, as it try to create trust between the three brand blogger and viewers.

·         Maximize the reach

1.      Make your content reach to the people by sharing it on social media.
2.      Content has to be on your website.
3.      Visible in the product category page.

Brands Use Influence marketing

 Allen Solly #Shootforsolly

Allen solly wanted to promote their chino range, Allen Solly came up with the campaign #shootforSolly.
Allen Solly picked selected photographer and model for shoot, and the shoot is entirely planned by photographer and model. Allen solly has selected 22 influencer talk about the campaign. And also created buzz around their product. Campaign is focused towards influencer marketing. They target right influencer to market their product.  

Image Source: Social Somasa

Philips Air Fryer

Philips has come up with their latest Air Fryer in 2012. In India there are handfuls of people who know about this product. So Philips came up digital campaign with well known chef Sanjay Thumma who known for his cookery YouTube channel called Vahchef. Philips came up 6 month long show called “Philips Superchef”.

In country like India where you always see star campaigner who will promote any political party and people do get influence, and also their vote.

Our 14th Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi is the star campaigner of BJP (Bhartiya Janta Party). And people in this country get influenced by him, Narendra Modi has chosen for prime ministerial candidate. And he was also star campaigner for BJP  and there thousand of people gather to hear from their future prime minister.
This is the time when even political parties in India do understand importance of influence marketing.And they are using it very smartly.

Influencer marketing- How to use influencers in your content marketing strategy

Blog by:

Hemant Ashok Singh


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