Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Close-up's kissability test

Close up has been selling confidence through fresh breath for years. Their ads have sought teenagers to be kissable .. always. One never knows when an opportunity for intimacy might arise. Across the world their ads have identified such opportunities and encouraged people get closer with the close up confidence of fresh breath.

They have got bolder in the current execution by conducting a blind test of this kissability quotient. The premise is the same as traditional blind tests. Participants with a blind fold kiss two people, one who has recently brushed with the new Close Up Ação Profunda and another with a different toothpaste. The particpants have to say which felt better. Ofcourse Close Up in its test. Snippets from these tests are edited to made this innovative ad.

So do you now want try the Close-up confidence? Or are you content with your current toothpaste brand.

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I assume this execution is more meant to be a viral ad than an extensive Outdoor activation campaign. Running this activation a few times are enough to get good press coverage, a nice video and WOMable ad. There are many things that the people like to spread .. and nearly every brand can weave a story around those to create a lovable and spreadable campaign. To get going they could imbibe one of the following factors (in their campaign) brought out from our online survey as the top 7 reasons for people to spread a message.
  1. It makes people laugh
  2. Sex element
  3. Call for charity, noble cause 
  4. Self appreciation 
  5. Prank 
  6. Competition (join or help others win) 
  7. Earn you some money / reduction
Any other factors you would like to add to the list? Note down in the comments.

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