Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Levissima brings Purity to users browsing experience with its innovative advertising tool

Levissima is a mineral water brand thats sells itself on the idea of Purity as it is sourced from the glaciers of northern Italy. They have innovatively integrated this idea even into their new corporate website by using pristine nature as the backdrop on their site. They also introduced an app called as 'the wild purity button' to let users get a similar experience on other sites. Once this tool is dragged on to the toolbar of the browser from their portal users can load it from their toolbar to change the background of their current sites to beautiful landscapes. See below how lovely it looks when used on our Facebook and Twitter pages. (Click to enlarge.)

The Button changes the background image of the websites with views of wild nature according to the User's preference. The tool works on all sites that allow any action on the source code. It also allows users to change the background to their preference by Clicking on the Refresh button on the Blue Bottom bar. 

What I liked about this advertising innovation is that it remains with the user and constantly reminds them about the purity of Levissima while not being intrusive like advertising. You should try it out by visiting this link and experience the Levissima force of purity 

This bookmark tool was earlier used to promote the Sao Paulo’s 17th International Contemporary Art Festival in 2011. It then gave users an “Escape Butto to help them escape from their virtual routines. 

Knowing the brand Levissima further from this ad

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