Saturday, March 17, 2012

Whats in packaging ... ask ROM

This award winning campaign is amongst the most innovative campaigns featured in this blog. ROM choclate, a popular choclate bar from Romania went against its own brand idea of Romanian patriotism to renew its relationship with customers.

ROM, traditionally, had positioned itself as a national chocolate bar. Even the packaging of the bar prominently includes a Romanian flag.

Romania was facing an economic crisis and the political and economic situation of the country was in dolrums. This disrupted what ‘ROM’ stood for…the love for nation which one derived out of the ‘ROM’ bar. People started believing that nothing good can happen in Romania and they were willing to seek opportunities in other countries.

‘ROM’ had to re-energise their love for Romania and hence ROM.

McCann Erickson Romania came out with a “shock and awe” marketing campaign wherein they changed the packaging of ROM from Rmania's flag colors to that of US.

And then... What else. Romanians hated it. It brought amazing PR worth millions. The whole country were up in arms looking for their old package and brand. And the sales zoomed. No wonder this was a major award winner across festivals.

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