Saturday, March 17, 2012

Samsung engaging Indian Blogger community for WOM

For any gadget, brand influencers form a key audience as they spread the word to consumers. Among such influencers, the blogging community is a early adopter of gadget. Samsung has now decided that the time is right to start leveraging the burgeoning blogger community in India. To do so it has tied up with a blogging community. Indiblogger was founded by Renie Ravin in the year 2007 and had previously stage-managed and implemented various campaigns. The main objective of these activities is to drive brand integration and generate massive buzz online about the brand and products. In the year 2008, we reviewed when it was just a start-up.

In this Samsung engagement bloggers would not only taking part in a contest followed by a blogger meet on 20th August, but also would be live streaming the launch of the Galaxy Tab 750 on their blogs. The incentive for bloggers is that they not only take home a Samsung Galaxy Tab 750, but will also become the official Samsung ‘Mobiler’!

What does this imply? Well for starters, Samsung ‘Mobilers’ would get limited access to inaugurate devices by Samsung Mobile. Besides, they will also get invitations for all local and global events and of course, invaluable inside scoop of Samsung Mobiles.

KarthikDR, Director of Business Development commented about the campaign, “IndiBlogger mentioned that today online media campaigns are half-finished without a blogger engagement. Bloggers have a very high credibility and trust among their readers coupled with solid networking, making them the most influential community in the online space”. Besides showing immense faith for his campaign, he was also very confident on the fact that after merging engagement with Samsung, the blogging world would be pulsating with not the talks of the campaign but also the fact that India’s largest blogger meet is scheduled to take place in Bangalore on 20th August.

Why the focus on bloggers?
According to a survey, as of 16 February 2011, there were over 156 million public blogs in existence. And considering that the number has risen since then along with the rise in the number of bloggers across the country, this target group is the most effective for any brand activities. We had reported the impressive growth in the Indian Blogosphere where nearly 3/4th of the blogs were dominated by males and 92% bloggers use English as their mode of blogging.

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