Saturday, March 17, 2012

Whats the shortcut to a great PR event?

Gillette shows us the easy way to get media attention through it's launch of Gillette Fusion in India. The ingredients of a easy sureshot PR success are
  • Get a mix of celebrities - from sports to bollywood
  • Surprise the media with something unusual - celebrities shaving in front of them
  • Get a few WOM quotes from the celbrities - see the snaps of reports below to know more

  • Have a interesting photo-op - where the brand is visible such that the stories seem orginal while the brand garners the desired attention. the brand can even think of restricting photos to those being taken by them and provided to the media. but they should ensure that the photos allow the story to bigger than the brand.


Of course being a brand as large as Gillette pushes the media to give a bit more than deserved attention. But I am sure that any event with this mix would surely get the media wagging even for any brand.

Now here are a few more images to tantalise the Bollycric sense in us
Arjun Rampal   Malaika Arora  Rahul Dravid  Baichung Bhutia


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