Thursday, April 25, 2013

Branded entertainment makes a comeback

People are bored of ads. They find it a disturbance in entertainment. So why not make entertaining ads. Ofcourse this should be the principle for every ad, be it 10 secs or a minute. Brands have taken this thought further and created Branded entertainment in the form of longer and better quality entertainment with good scripts, great people and wonderfull production. BMW short films series, the Hire, was a success not only in US but even in India in 2002, the pre-broadband days. Now Jaguar has done something similar their new 13 minute film released yesterday. The length of this film named Desire is as excessive as the vehicle's million dollar price tag. But like the10 min BMW shorties this film manages to capature our attention with great storytelling, good production and strong performances from its leads.

(it takes time to buffer.. but its definitely worth the wait)

Branded entertainment is judged by audiences pretty much like a movie or a TV series. People want to see a moving story, that is well acted and directed. The brand gains when this film establishes the right image in the consumers minds and conveys the message that the marketer wants to.

Do you want to the BMW short film series? Heres the playlist.

Future success in this format will depend on the ability to initiate experiences that evolve, engage and to contribute to the consumers. It might not just be in the form of a film and could even be a video game or even an actual event or some innovation. Something that entertains and is owned by the brand.

Brands can find innovative ways to decrease the cost of production by outsourcing it like Schweppes did by creating a competition in which people had to submit films with their brand in it. Companies can even think of monetising branded entertainment like the Australian tourism department did by actually producing a film that could be sold to distributors and televesion channels. But then would a flop might mean a larger loss, both is terms of low visibility as well as in terms low returns on large investments. Isn't the risk of a flop present in any branded entertainment? Is it then worthwhile to invest as much in branded entertainment or does product placement serve better?

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