Wednesday, September 19, 2012

QR code is soon becoming a tool to start new relationships

Harry's Bar, the largest chain of bars in Singapore, has a novel solution to get shy Singaporeans to converse with strangers. A QR Code hang tag on a bottle of beer that enables strangers to start an anonymous conversation (video below).

Agency Cheil, Singapore claim surprised girls, confident guys, zero media investment and twice as much beer sold!

Heineken U CodeThis execution seems to be inspired by a similar execution by Heineken at the Heineken Open’er Festival in Poland.

Heineken used this tool to introduce its new brand message: “Open Your World” during the Heineken Open’er Festival in Poland. At the Heineken tent festival attendees were able to create their own U-codes - QR stickers carrying personal messages about themselves.As seen in this video U-codes were an instant hit, with over 5000 stickers printed over the four days of the festival, 30 June to 3 July 2011.

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