Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Now Pay and promote yourself on Facebook

Facebook seems to have taken the next step in monetizing users by opening the Promote post option for individual users. Now people can  advertise themselves or rather ensure that they are seen in their networks by paying small change to Facebook. Earlier advertising was left to the brands (and pages) while individuals used the platform for free. But in a world where everyone thinks he is a brand Facebook has smartly used this to open a new revenue stream for itself. See the Promote option provided in my Account today.

We had earlier predicted this in our post Facebook squeeze: now Pay and Promote your Posts in which we had spoken on how hard Facebook is working to get a thumbs up from investors after their falling stock prices and news of large brands deserting them by introducing new advertising options. Twitter can take a leaf or two out of Facebook's strategy to get its act together and make its investors happy by growing revenue in a similar way.

This option of promoting a post is even available to promote posts from others who post on the user's time line. Like the Promote option on the following post I received from a person in my network.

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