Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Why every brand should webcast their product launch?

To start with is there any reason why they should not?

The webcast gives you a few extra views and nearly zero cost. And with a bit of buzz around the launch the chances of the number of views being in lakhs has a probability of nearly 1.

Heres the latest one from Google which across the various launch videos has got over a million views in less than a day. To ensure that the numbers are so huge there needs to be a bit more effort and creativity in a product launch than a corporate looking CEO opening a box and bringing out the product in front of lured reporters.

Three assured ways of garnering views for your Product launch are:

1] Crazy Stunts

Stunts like the current execution by Google where their engineers debut the company’s Google Glass project with an employee doing a real-time parachute jump while wearing the Google Glass. This showed how cool it is to share a real-time experience with others by telecasting the skydive in real-time using the product. 

FULL VERSION. Give it sometime to buffer. But we assure you that its definitely worth the wait.

SHORTER VERSION, If you are low on time.

After the skydive, the perspective switched to the team rapelling down Moscone Center and into the conference building. When the stunt finished they spilled new details on Google Glass that allow a person to nearly do all things they do now with their smartphone with a trendy looking head gear. Watch this video to know more about Google Glass.

2] Incetivise the viewers

Give those loyal ones who are with you through the launch something extra: could be a discount, an accessory, first orders or even information packs. But give them that little more which they will love to share with the world (who didnt get it) and increase views of the recorded webcasts. Like Google co-founder, Sergey Brin's announcement that U.S. developers attending the I/O conference could pre-order “Glass Explorer Edition,” an early build of Glass that will be shipped early next year, at a cost of $1,500. A bit of buzz about these incentives before the launch on the brand's social networks or through ads will keep enough people glued to the launch than will a new ad about the product of their television screens.

3] Bring in celebrities

This is an assured way of generating news and getting people to watch your launch. Its adds the power of the fan following of the Celebrity to your customer base. For eg. Bollywood stars Salman Khan and Sonakshi Sinha doing a sizzle to launch Suzuki's new bike, Hayati, is sure to keep viewers glued to the webcast for an hour as well as the reporters buzzing about it through the day and next. Its even better if you had a home grown celebrity like Steve Jobs who dazzled his followers with Apple's new launches. Sergey Brin and Mark Zuckerberg, with the success of a film based on his life, have now become such celebrity assests to their companies.

Such simple steps will can make any Product launch a sought after event for customers and the press leading to free views of the webcast and its recordings worth millions and an interesting press coverage of the event.

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