Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Swedish Armed Forces 'Who Cares' campaign

How can you test the qualities needed to join the national armed forces through a campaign
as well as invoke respect for the profession and generate a spreadable campaign.

This campaign by DDB Stockholm for the Swedish Armed Forces does all this through his engaging ambient idea thats sure to go viral.

It challenges people on the street to enter a room to free a person held there who would be left only if some volunteered to take her position and sit there until the next person voluntarily frees him by taking his place.

Would you enter a room not knowing when you might get out? Do you really care about other people? Would you sacrifice your freedom to help save others?

Who cares? is this controversial interactive project that challenged the Swedish to prove if they are ready to help people in need.

See the project in action.

Would you have entered that room?

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