Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sprite Shower: a refreshing idea

This experiential stunt from Sprite Brazil is an interesting example of innoventing a media to impress a brand idea. We have often demonstrated how an advertising idea could also be a media and not just a message idea. Here Sprite spreads “Refresh Your Ideas” through a powerful shower on the beach in Rio de Janeiro that looks like a drinks dispenser. Such a simple execution gets people thinking about how refreshing it would be to have some Sprite in the heat.

The video is so beautifull and so well suited that it could easily become Sprite's ad film. Frooti, a mango beverage from India, used such stunts to make their naughty ad campaign 'Mango surprise.'

[ More: Reverse shot by IKEA in using Banksy's graffiti street art style ]

A few pointers to evolving such a media idea
  • Think different. 
  • Know that everything is a potential media
  • Create value for users. 
  • Mould message for the media
  • Shoot an exciting video to further the reach
  • Have a well-thought-of PR plan

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