Monday, April 23, 2012

Everything is media. Some are sold while others are bought.

Usually we apply an idea to media. Smart marketers create media for an idea. Heres an inspiring collection a few innovative ad campaigns.

Splitting headaches brought to life in this innovative ambient media

Usually arm sling are boring and monochromatic. Youngsters are seen to make it a media for well wishes to the patients. Agenica Talent, Brazil created cool sling arms to promote Rugby in a fun and unusual way.

How could Red Baloon, an english school for kids show the importance of english in kids future?
Kids Business Cards portraying kids in their real and unique dreams which showed that every dream started with English. Kids were so proud of their cards that they handed it out to friends at their primary school, neighbourhood and family turning them into a sales force of 12 000 kids. 

Best QR code Campaigns]

Thus... everything is media - some are sold while others are bought. 

Time now to see a few Amazing Outdoor campaigns. Click here to help us lead you to newer surprises.

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