Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tatoo as an advertising media

Corporations are tapping into the pop culture by calling on tattoo artists to spread their brand messages amounst the trendy youth with a sense of originality.  Tattoos, once considered as outlaw art, have now seeped from the skin of consumers into the fabric of advertising and marketing. First trendy and now common as a form of personal expression, tattoos are popping up in magazine and online ads to sell a range of mass-appeal products looking to communicate an image of hipness or edginess, or just to stand out.

Converse has tattooed versions of its Chuck Taylor sneaker, and it has created an ad in which a man with facial tattoos is photographed with a pair of shoes adorning his neck.

While Dermablend reversed this trend by showcasing its skin expertise by removing tatoos using its products and making a hugely viral video of it.

Fred, a creative at Leo Burnett, Madrid added technology to the Tatto by tattoing a QR code on his hand that is programmed  to show different contents he wants. Videos, photos, texts ... whatever. Thus a new media space was born out of this integration. It's a media space with many advantages: innovative, it has access to a wide variety of targets, with huge impact in all kinds of media.

Brands can now can bid  to advertise on Fred’s arm. The highest bidder will win a month on Fred’s arm to advertise whatever he wants. Are you interested? Bid currently are higher than 90,000€.

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This media surely makes it to the Innovative Marketing's list. But we feel that instead of bidding over 1,00,000€ for Fred's hand, brands might be better off running a contest to chose their brand ambassadors and distribute this booty to them for carrying the brand's code for a year. Such QR codes could even be designed within the logos tattoed above to merge tatooing with technology and lead viewers to the brand's youtube channel or microsite which constantly changes content as per the current campaign.

Tatoo advertising surely is emerging as a valuable choice for marketing media for innovative brand managers.


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