Saturday, March 17, 2012

Nike founds a country

A campaign as large as this could only be implemented by a brand as big as Nike. My thumbs for believeing in such an idea and for daring to execute it.

In 2010 the Brazilian soccer team Corinthians turned 100 years old. To pay tribute to its 30 million fans Nike launched this amazing integrated campaign where they created a fictional country called Republica Popular do Corinthians.

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In number of inhabitants this ‘country’ is bigger than 150 other countries in the world. Nike created everything that a country needs to exist: legislation, custom identity cards, birth certificates, an embassy and currency. Even a president was appointed. In a guerilla action, the presidential sash of Republica Popular do Corinthians was handed over to Lula. and even a president.

The entire campaign was supported through the fan store and it generated free media coverage worth over 8 million dollars.

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