Saturday, March 17, 2012

Intel's Visibly Smart campaign: an example to emulate

A visible benefit is taken as the campaign idea for Intel's latest campaign heralding the launch of their next generation of processors. This idea of 'Visibly smart' has aptly sensed the invisible brand's value to the common user.

They have also smartly delivered this idea in an integrated manner through various digital innovations.

Their 'The Museum of Me' app creates a virtual exhibition of one's Facebook profile. Though the process of creation seems interesting its result in the form of an Facebook album carying images of the museum could have been better evolved.

Wanna try? Click here.

Furthering the idea of visibly smart Intel launched what it's calling a first of its kind YouTube interactive in The Escape. "Just as Intel's 2nd Generation Core processors transform your computing experience, this campaign will transform the way you look at the YouTube platform. You've never seen YouTube quite like this," says Stephanie Gan, regional manager Intel Asia Pacific. In addition to interactivity, "The Escape" integrates elements from the viewer's social networks, including the option to add pictures of their friends in certain scenes and earn achievement badges to post to their Facebook profiles. It also contains hidden clues for viewers to unlock additional content as they play.

"The Escape" experience was developed for Intel by Tribal DDB. Tim Cheng, executive creative director at Tribal DDB Hong Kong, said: "We needed people to experience these benefits in an emotive way, and that's why we made the audience the hero of this video.In seamlessly bringing together film storytelling, interactive adventure and social networking, we've created a product experience that everyone can enjoy. It's exciting, entertaining, engaging, and it explains technical benefits in a non-technical way." 


YouTube's plans to launch 'Box Office' in India provided another smart opportunity for Intel to impress its idea of them making computing more visibly pleasing. So the they tied up with youtube to provide Bollywood movies like Band Baaja Baaraat free for Indian viewers. Head here to take a peek at the menu available

The pooper of the bag seems to be the 'Win an Island' competition run by Intel. This neither seems to be visible nor smart and most likely is going to get the boot from Facebook for seeking members to like Intels page to participate in the deal. 

Even the earlier digital campaign 'Picture Your Passion' nicely weaved the campaign idea of Visbily smart around Cricket during the IPL. Aimed at cricket enthusiasts, it encouraged consumers can create their cricket masterpiece on With the help of tools provided on the site, the consumer can experiment with various visuals, color and styles to create their own stunning visual. The unique tool box provided allows the user to choose different backgrounds of their choice and the brushes section allows them tweak this background with colors and their creativity.


This 360 degree campaign was preceded by the AV ad 'The Chase' which was even chosen amongst the 10 ads chosen by  TED as 'Ads worth spreading'. The ad below demonstrates the performance capabilities of the new processors by creating an action-movie style chase sequence that takes place through a wide variety of program windows on a computer desktop.

In less than a week, “The Chase” reached its first one million YouTube impressions, with no paid media and has gone on to receive 60,000 social networking shares globally and an additional million YouTube impressions. Advertising Age named it the top viral video of the week, and it received coverage across a number of blogs and online media outlets like Juxtapoz, AdRants, Mashable and Creativity.

Now head to Intel India's Facebook Page to find how its leveraging all these campaign to pull customers and explain them how an Intel in their machine is making the difference in their everyday lives through visibly smart performance. I hope many more campaigns emulate this single minded dedication towards an idea to deliver a message to their consumers in an entertaining way.



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