Friday, March 16, 2012

The most engaging campaign

Did you ever want to be a part of a film even though your acting skills arent any better than a stone. Lost in Val Sinestra, a Swisscom TV campaign, allows you to now do that and that too in style. This campaign lets you produce a horror film trailer featuring you and nine of your Facebook friends. The automatically generated result is stunning, cleverly incorporating your friends' profile pictures and names as part of the storyline and delivering impressively high production values. Heres a peak at the trailer made using Bollywood stars. And the upside is that you and your friends could star in a similar way in this film by making your own film on the link given below.

On this website, you can make a Facebook connection, the tool automatically connects to your profile and picks 9 random profiles from your friends. The result is a great trailer where information and pictures from the selected profiles are perfectly integrated.



Teasers like the one below were shown in traditional media like TV and cinema halls to get people to get to this site and make their own films. 

What are you waiting for? Create your own trailer starring you and your friends on www.lost-in-val-sinestra.comHere's my shot at it.

An amazing campaign. but one small doubt 'how one graduates from this campaign to buying the services of Swisscom TV'. Maybe its just an idea that gets them online PR worth more than the money they would have spent on advertising for similar coverage. But is awareness all that a brand wants from an ad???

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