Saturday, March 17, 2012

Innovative use of Youtube to advertise Cheer

Procter & Gamble's detergent brand Cheer has launched an innovative ad campaign on Youtube; where in viewers can click on colorfull onjects in the video to receive it. Its more like a treasure hunt within a song. For this the brand tied up with Australian band Strange Talk to use their colourful video for Climbing Walls. 


US and Canadian residents can watch the video and simply click on any products that are outlined in colour. They will then be taken to the brand's Facebook page, where a simple registration enters them in a contest to win the product they clicked on. Prizes range from a Fender Stratocaster, bikes and iPods.


The campaign celebrates the brand's proposition of retaining colour and pushes forth its new logo which is the only brand presence in the video. The uber-colourful video is a great tie-in and yet another innovative use of Youtube  along with Facebook.

Cheer, a US- and Canada-only detergent brand, has gambled on doing a 100% digital campaign. Lets see how an FMCG brand fares in engaing its audience in all digital execution.

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