Saturday, March 17, 2012

Innovative Ambient Media Executions

Join us in our journey to to find the best ambient media executions. Seen below is an inspiring list of the ones we have encountered.
Playboy Mats

3M security glass
Is there any other way to show its strength than challenging people to break it to the cash out

Job Portal: Jobs in town 

Preventable's Ambient Executions

Life Insurance Corporation's Ash tray

Coke: Everyone wants it

There's space in a Mini Cooper

Fitness first weighing scale


Tryvann Ski Resort's bus shelter ads creating a snow effect of the reflection on it

KFC spreads goodwill and ease financial burdens on cities by filing the potholes with a message saying it was “Refreshed by KFC.”


Crisis, UK homeless charity, placed handmade cardboard signs throughout the streets of London, to remind onlookers that the recent snowfall may be beautiful to see, but it’s a pain to sleep in.

'Stop Child Abuse Now' used child-size mannequins to represent children suffering neglect

A few tips on how to plan you next Ambient campaign
Ambient Media Lecture Slides
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