Friday, September 2, 2011

Impact of Artificial Intelligence on SEO

The word artificial intelligence makes us think about a futuristic world. The truth is that it has been used by search engine (Google) for quite a long time. We all might have an idea about Google’s RankBrain and if not then RankBrain is a machine learning artificial intelligent system. RankBrain is claimed to be the third highest used factor by Google.
Artificial Intelligence has always being a very dynamic topic and has been changing over time. Search marketers should use Artificial Intelligence as a tool to optimize their website. Website should be optimized in such a manner that the user gets the best experience on our website. So in order to optimize our website we need to first understand how SEO is impacted by Artificial Intelligence.
Artificial Intelligence aides search engines, like Google, to learn about the search queries along with keywords. Google will be able to judge what sites provide the best results based off of user engagement metrics rather than if the page is fully optimized with both on-page and off-page tactics.
Google will be in position to present extra search quarries to the user after its initial search, leading to smoother process for the user. Artificial Intelligence along with RankBrain will bring more relevant results for the user. The focus of SEO has changed from general optimization to user engagement data. This doesn’t mean to abandon the traditional promotional techniques, but to focus on the bigger picture.

Finally, the most important of all is that your website should fulfill the needs and satisfy the purpose of your customers. Build and provide an experience that will lure your users to come and visit the page again by creating Flawless User experience and rich content, period.  Eventually what Google wants is to provide the best data to its user and not something which is optimized.

Murtaza Pardawala

Student at FLAME University 


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