Thursday, February 20, 2014

British Airways's emotional atyachaar

British Airways's earlier success with an emotional campaign in India using real people triggered this campaign on same lines. Shed a tear or two that you dont get an opportunity to travel free.

How nice a husband. And how bad a son to show his parents in this light. Aaj kal TV mein aane ke liye aur free gift paane ke liye log kya kya nahi karte. How come a hubby could not even get his wife to a theater alone decides to not seek permission from his parents for going on a holiday. Paying for his own ticket might have been better. 

British Airways in its last campaign worked around the mom -son relationship. But what caught my attention more is the engagement the brand had with its audience through the Comments on Youtube.

Lesson learnt: Indians love to see themselves in avatars of global campaigns and that too by a global brand.

The same emotional idea was well excuted by Coke earlier to deliver a viral success. British Airways inspiripped the following Happiness campaign by Coke for their latest success. 
Coke's execution seems geniune, more authentic and helpfull... though they use it to sell sugary brown water. While British Airway's emotional campaign tries to get people to travel more.. that too on their flight. The category of travel seems more geniune than that of carbonated water. I am not sure which of these campaigns is actually better. But they both touch a chord deep within consumers to manifest a profitable relationship with these brands.

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