Wednesday, July 24, 2013

People as media.. Women can rent out ad space on their thighs

This is the latest experiement in having people as ads .. not that they otherwise arent in today's consumerist world. In Japan women can rent out ad space on their thighs. The brainchild of Tokyo PR consultant Hidenori Atsumi, the ad program already has over 3,000 women signing for sticking ads on their upper thighs.

There have been earlier attempts to use the human body as an advertising media. In older days it was dress, haricut and other less invasive methods. In the following video Bollywood star Aamir Khan promoted his movie Ghazni by giving haircuts like that of the proganosist of the film.

These days more invasive and trends tool of tatoos have been used. Brands like Converse, Lactose, etc. have tried it. 

[Read more on Tatoo as an advertising media]

Dermablend reversed this trend by showcasing its skin expertise by removing tatoos using its products and making a hugely viral video of it. 

Fred, a creative at Leo Burnett, Madrid added technology to the Tatto by tattoing a QR code on his hand that is programmed to show different contents he wants. Videos, photos, texts ... whatever. Thus a new media space was born out of this integration. 

Tell us more about other such executions you have seen in the past.


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