Sunday, April 14, 2013

Solo uses a Message in a Bottle to take over the world

Solo soft drink is currently restricted to Norway and a few American markets. Now they want to go across the seas and get their brand and its message to newer markets. Or they want to convince their current consumers that people around the world will believe that 'Solo is the best soft drink' as they do. This led them to this 'messsage in a bottle' campaign. This campaign surely enthrals audience, keeps them engaged, provides positive WOM and allows Solo to deliver its message that it is the world's best soft drink. In true Norwegian spirit Solo built a boatle, the world's largest boat in the shape of its bottle with a message, filled it with Solo and released it into the sea off the Canary Islands.

Now, supposedly, the wind and ocean currents will determine who gets a taste of Norway's national soft drink. To keep the audience hooked Solo has a few rewards for guessing where bottle will finally end up. So if you have some insider knowledge of where they intend to launch their brand next you have a good chance at winning these rewards. Or maybe this campaign is just for their Norwegian market as the site and videos are made in Norwegian only. But a similar campaign would have been an amzing way to launch the brand in a new promising market, like India. This campaign will have surely raked up great press coverage, if planned well, when the boatle ends its journey in the Indian shores.

The floating Solo boatle has an AIS, lantern, web cam and radar reflector. It will be monitored throughout by the team and subsequent videos and pics would be posted on the microsite and their social media properties. This adventurous boatle could mirror the success NASA's cyber celebrity - Mars Curiosity as Solo updates the boatle's journey on its twitter handle while garnering followers for future shares.

To see more details of the making of this boatle see the following video. Move forward to 1.10 min in this video to skip the introductory video that you saw above.

To see the boatle launch in detail move forward to 1.00 min on the following video.

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