Monday, September 21, 2009

Planning a Viral Campaign

Consumer is the best media that a brand can have. And viral is the strategy to use them to spread a message through proper planning. 

Do virals happen or can they be planned?

To answer this lets look at these videos from LG that went viral. Consumers around the world saw it, liked it and shared it.

OK. So Virals can be planned. But how do we do it?

There are many things that the people like to spread .. and nearly every brand can weave a story around those to create a lovable and spreadable campaign. This presentation details the step by step way to creating a successful viral campaign.

What makes something go viral?

By Dao Nguyen | TED Salon: Brightline Initiative

Now LG's Korean competitor Samsung seems to have realised the benfit of viral in this campaign

Brands like Sprite, Tmobile and Swedish Armed forces have beautifully combined online, offline and PR to create their viral campaigns as seen below.

Sprite shower

T-mobile's angry bird ad

And this was a theatrical stunt by T-mobile than a slice of a day on an usual street as showcased here.

Swedish Armed Forces campaign to test the qualities needed to join the national armed forces through a campaign as well as invoke respect for the profession and generate a spreadable campaign.

Nissan's lie that lead to a online viral

Closeup's kissability test

So do you now want try the Close-up confidence? Or are you content with your current toothpaste brand.

And now Oreo's imaginative cream separator machine gone viral

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