Sunday, November 1, 2009

Guidelines for naming a new company

If you are planning to start a new company in India, heres some info about an important part of it, naming it.
Step 1] Find a name that suits your brand based on the following three: yourselves, your offering and your customer.
Step 2] Check if its available for registration. Search here to know if its already taken. Follow these guidelines while choosing your name

Naming guidelines.pdf Download this file
Avoid the following mistakes that people normally make

Common reasons of rejection of a name.pdf Download this file
Step 5] Book a relevant domain name at websites like Rediff. Prefer a .com domain. If not available choose a suitable name. You could either try the same name on different domain or modify the name to get a .com domain 

Hope you dont make naming bluders like Mankind Pharma as detailed in this post. Lets see the following presentation that lay down a few helpfull ground rules for naming your brand.

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