Monday, June 4, 2012

Goertz has turned outdoor media into shoe store

German shoe retailer, Goertz, presents a new way to try on shoes - virtually. An installation using 3 Kinect sensors allows people to virtually try on any shoe from the Goertz catalogue. A social component lets people share a snapshot of them with those shoes on Facebook. And if they decide to buy, a QR code is generated linking users to the mobile commerce site with the shoe, size and colour – ready for purchase and next day home delivery.

This virtual store was premiered at Hamburg Central Station earlier this year by turning a digital billboard space into a point of sale for Gortz. This installation allows Goetz to sell shoes anywhere. Tesco, Korea had created a similar virtual store experience in Subway billboards across Korea which was hugely successful. Even Correll made an innovative store from its outdoor media to impress the audience of its benefit of being unbreakable. What’s interesting this time is that the experience is more social leading to increased spredability among its target audience.

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