Saturday, March 3, 2012

Volkswagen's innovative use of mobile in its campaigns

Volkswagen has been at the forefront in using digital media for advertising. Featured below is a game produced by them to launch GTI that induces users to experience this vehicle. And the result was - 485 million impressions in the first 6 weeks. - 200 cars were sold to registered GTI Players.

Volkswagen in Norway persuaded drivers of the benefits of a car, via print advertising, without getting them to do a real-life test drive through this app. It allows users to 'test drive' the car within a print ad, using Augmented Reality. The print ads appeared in some of Norway's most popular print publications. Having downloaded the app, readers held their phone over the print ad to make the car 'drive' and could test out three different features of the vehicle: Lane Assist, Adaptive Lights and Cruise Control

Volkswagen also executed a campaign similar to the Mini campaign discussed earlier where it gaves its users near impossible challenges to win a car...  but without the iPhone.

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