Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Speaking Newspaper Ad

 Volkswagen Vento Speaking Ad talks to you

German car manufacturer, Volkswagen, as a part of its launch campaign of their new sedan Vento released an innovative speaking ad in two Indian newspapers, the Times of India and The Hindu.

The Volkswagen Vento ad uses a small speaking device that talks to you when you open the cover (the newspaper in this case). Yes, that’s innovative and the ad has certainly caught the eyes and “ears” of many in India.
This innovation surely creates a mind space to talk to consumers about an innovative product. It would even have increased the time spent on this ad, if it had a better and longer message with a small pause before the message got repeated. Even the black speaker could be colored or in sync with the look of the ad. With the message being repeated at such short intervals quite a few readers would have closed the ad to simply close the voice.  But kudos to the team who worked behind this campaign for such an execution. Tt takes conviction and effort to chart out on a new path.
Now we might soon have more such talking message delivered to us. I would love to see a Bullet ad with its Thump in the background. While it might even be completely misused by someone like a Raj Thackeray to ask his followers to hack and rape, those who might not vote for him, in the pretext of religion or language.

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