Friday, March 16, 2012

Kids Business Cards


Client Problem:

Although Brazil is getting more important in the worlds scenario, only 5% of brazilians speak english. How could Red Baloon, an english school for kids show the importance of english in kids future?

Advertising Solution

We start by asking Red Balloon students from our 30 units in Brazil a simple question: What do you want to be when you grow up? Based on their answers, we made Kids Business Cards. Portraying kids real and unique dreams, we were able to make a point: that every dream starts with english. Kids were so proud of their cards that they handed it out to friends at their primary school, neighbourhood and family turning them into a sales force of 12 000 kids. In the end, we had more kids believing in their dreams, more parents believing in the importance of English on their kids future and a 11% raise on subscriptions.


A similar camapaign has found success in India. ICICI Bank conducted drawing competitions across schools about what the student wanted to be when they grew. They then mailed it to their homes along with a note on plnning childrens future with insurance products. It touched a chord with the parents and genrated valuable leads for the company.


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