Saturday, March 17, 2012

Top 10 QR code Campaigns

As smartphones are increasingly becoming the preferred mobiles around the world, QR Codes are quickly gaining mainstream acceptance. This simple technology moves people online from traditional media like newspaper, magazine, outdoor, brochures, etc. using their smartphone cameras.
Apart from the ability to move users online, QR Codes also open up fascinating new opportunities for content creators to engage their audience. The best of those are being showcased below. I suggest you take a moment to scroll down to start buffering these amazing videos before going ahead..
The era of one sided communication is over. This tool is mobile and interactive. Would we ask for anything more from a tool? Maybe not today. What tommorow offers might be something even more involving. But for today, QR code is a  promising tool for marketers to engage with their customers.
Tesco - Bringing the shop to you

Heineken shows the fun way of using QR through its U-code campaign 

Turquoise Cottage's Innovative Admittance Stamp

Lego's My Toys campaign

New York city's Central Park uses QR codes to engage with tis visitors

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Scandinavian's Airlines Couple Up to Buckle Up offer

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